Tom and Gary's Trip to Alaska

July 2004

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Rest Stop 1....+300 Ft Elevation ;-)
Half way there
Camp 1
Small Hole
Mt. Margret
Day 3 Camp
Gary Climbing
Mid Canyon
Mission Success
Ice Caving
Ice Caving
Ice Caving

Gary and Katie

Tom and Gary

Mt. McKinley

Mt. McKinley

Flowers on the mountain side.

Up the ridge.

1st Lookout Point

Non-Friendly Rams

Group Photo

Rams guarding the water hole.

The Water Hole.

1st Camp - on the ridgeline

Overlooking the Canyon

A sharper view.

Mt. Margret Dahl Sheep

Hiking the ridge of Mt. Margret

Our beach :-)

Camp, Day 3

Hiking up the canyon

Climbing on all fours

Overlooking the canyon

Finished Hiking



Another Bear

Ram - Up close (from the bus)

Anchorage Mts.

On the ship off the Kenai Peninsula, before the rough weather


Glacier going into the sea.